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Packages that use IDatasource
com.dynamide The core of the Dynamide Framework: Session, Widget, Page, Property, etc. 
com.dynamide.db How to make any data access strategy plug into Dynamide's data-aware components. Security objects, for preventing unauthorized access to resources across Dynamide Assemblies, Sessions, etc. 

Uses of IDatasource in com.dynamide

Classes in com.dynamide that implement IDatasource
 class Session
          This class manages the user interaction across Page objects, and is the Java-side representation of the application.xml file, which has the page list, page order, and the application-level events.

Methods in com.dynamide that return IDatasource
 IDatasource AbstractWidget.getDatasource()
 IDatasource Session.getDatasource(java.lang.String id)
 IDatasource Session.getDatasourceHelper()

Methods in com.dynamide with parameters of type IDatasource
 void Session.registerDatasource(IDatasource caller)
 void Session.unregisterDatasource(IDatasource caller)

Uses of IDatasource in com.dynamide.db

Classes in com.dynamide.db that implement IDatasource
 class DatasourceHelper
 class RDBDatasource
 class SimpleDatasource
          Implements the IDatasource interface as a simple grid; NOTE: Column names default to CASE-INSENSITIVE, unless setCaseInsensitive(false) is called.

Methods in com.dynamide.db that return IDatasource
 IDatasource SimpleDatasource.getDatasourceHelper()
 IDatasource IDatasourceBasic.getDatasourceHelper()
          By default, return a com.dynamide.db.DatasourceHelper(IDatasourceBasic), e.g.
 IDatasource IDatasource.getDatasourceHelper()
          By default, simply return a reference to "this", since the implementing class is an instance of IDatasource.
 IDatasource DatasourceHelper.getDatasourceHelper()

Uses of IDatasource in

Classes in that implement IDatasource
 class Login

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