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Packages that use Job
com.dynamide The core of the Dynamide Framework: Session, Widget, Page, Property, etc. 
com.dynamide.resource Classes for accessing resources from Dynamide. 

Uses of Job in com.dynamide

Methods in com.dynamide with parameters of type Job
 ScriptEvent Session.fireJobEvent(Job sender, java.lang.String eventName, java.lang.Object inputObject, boolean useDetachedInterpreter)
 void Session.onJobDone(Job job)
          Fires application_onJobDone with the Job object as the inputObject

Uses of Job in com.dynamide.resource

Methods in com.dynamide.resource that return Job
 Job ResourceManager.findJob(java.lang.String installedName)
 Job ResourceManager.installJob(Session session, java.lang.String installedName, java.lang.Object inputObject)
          Call this to install a Job or to re-install a Job -- if a Job with the same ID (which is Session.getFullAppname()) is currently running, it is removed first -- be sure that closeOnJobClose is false if you do this from the Session, otherwise the Session will be closed for you.
 Job ResourceManager.installJob(java.lang.String applicationURI, java.lang.Object inputObject)
 Job ResourceManager.removeInstalledJob(java.lang.String installedName, boolean closeJob)
 Job ResourceManager.startJob(Session session, java.lang.String eventName, java.lang.Object inputObject)
          Only application events can be started as Jobs -- Page and Widget events are not supported.
 Job ResourceManager.startJob(Session session, java.lang.String eventName, java.lang.Object inputObject, long startDelay)

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