Interface ICompositeWalker

All Known Implementing Classes:
CompositeAbstract.DumpWalker, ExpansionLog.LinkWalker, TableTree.CompositeToList

public interface ICompositeWalker

Implement this interface to receive a callback on each visit of a Composite node in the tree of nodes owned by Composite, during one of the walks (walkPreOrder and walkPostOrder) provided by Composite.

Field Summary
static int POSTORDER
static int PREORDER
Method Summary
 boolean onNode(IComposite node)

Field Detail


static final int PREORDER
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Constant Field Values


static final int POSTORDER
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Constant Field Values
Method Detail


boolean onNode(IComposite node)
true if you wish the Composite walk to continue for child nodes in a PREORDER walk; POSTORDER walks are unaffected, of course, since by the time the parent node is visited, it is too late, as the children are visited first; there is no way to skip visiting subsequent children.

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