Uses of Interface

Packages that use ISessionTableItem
com.dynamide The core of the Dynamide Framework: Session, Widget, Page, Property, etc. 
com.dynamide.util Utilities and Tools for working in the Dynamide Framework 

Uses of ISessionTableItem in com.dynamide

Classes in com.dynamide that implement ISessionTableItem
 class Session
          This class manages the user interaction across Page objects, and is the Java-side representation of the application.xml file, which has the page list, page order, and the application-level events.

Uses of ISessionTableItem in com.dynamide.util

Methods in com.dynamide.util with parameters of type ISessionTableItem
 java.lang.String SessionDatabase.formatSessionItemUptime(ISessionTableItem sd)
 java.lang.String SessionDatabase.formatSessionList(java.lang.String userName, ISessionTableItem current)

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